Smarten up
green cities

At Treetracker, we believe trees are at the heart of cities, making them more sustainable, more resilient, more beautiful. Putting deep learning algorithms to work, we set out to smarten up urban planning, tree maintenance and environmental reporting.

Treetracker provides you with accurate and smart automated tree information, so you can make better decisions for tree management.

What we do

Automated tree detection

Treetracker uses mobile mapping data and Artificial Intelligence to detect urban trees in a fully automated way. Putting deep algorithms to work, we extract individual urban trees from the data.

Measuring of trees

The manual job of measuring trees is time-intensive and proves to be inaccurate. Treetracker fully automates this process, providing faster and more accurate information about city trees.

Ecological impact

Trees take on water in case of heavy rainfall, keep the streets cool on a hot day and capture carbon and toxic gasses. Treetracker provides a detailed understanding of the trees actual ecological impact and the true value for its environment.

Asset management

Putting deep learning algorithms to work, Treetracker sets out to determine the state of a tree. Does the tree need pruning? What is the tree’s condition? What risk does the tree cause to its surrounding?

5 steps fwd

We provide better tree insights for every project with its own dynamics. Ready for a joined project? These 5 steps are part of the our scope:


Data collection


Measuring results

GIS delivery

Latest updates

Joint implementations

Treetracker is a software company that focuses on joint projects with key partners. We convert billions of points and images into tree insights. Together we can add value to trees and green in cities around the world.