Eco Impact for Port of Amsterdam

Jun, 2021

Port of Amsterdam had a question for our partner Iv-Infra. They manage 7,500 trees along the roads and in woodlands. Iv-Infra had just scanned the port area with their mobile mapping solution. Would it be possible to also map the values of the trees here? Of course, sounds like a job for Treetracker!

Treetracker exactly calculated the Eco Impact of all street trees, the real values of trees. For this we use our very accurate measurement values, with which we can make the most accurate calculation possible. Iv-Infra’s scan data forms the basis and our deep learning model turns this into tree insights!

Port of Amsterdam uses the results for plans to make the port area more sustainable. Information such as carbon storage and yearly water retention helps the thinking process to become a sustainable port.

Great to be able to think along in this nice project!