Let’s start a green revolution together

Treetracker has the ambition to start a green revolution together. Multiple unique projects have been delivered with disruptive impact. AI is really helping humans to make better judgements.

Our mission

We believe trees are at the heart of cities, making them more sustainable, more resilient and more beautiful. Trees take on water in case of heavy rainfall, keep the streets cool on hot days and capture carbon and toxic gasses. Simply put, trees are a vital part of the urban environment.

Unfortunately, too often trees are of low priority in urban planning due to lack of information about their impact. As green professionals, we need to provide insights in the value of trees.

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Dirk van Riel

Dirk van Riel is Treetracker’s CEO. He has been working in the business of tree inspections, data acquisition and IT consultancy for 15 years. He is very excited to bring tree asset management in the AI century.

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Joint implementations

Treetracker is a software company that focuses on joint projects with key partners. We convert billions of points and images into tree insights. Together we can add value to trees and green in cities around the world.

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