Tree detection for municipality of Leudal

Feb, 2021

The Dutch municipality of Leudal has a large, beautiful rural area. The information in the tree management system is no longer up-to-date and the tree positioning was also not done accurately. Not a great starting point for a tree management plan!

Consultancy company Bomenwacht Nederland was commissioned to re-inventory the trees in the rural area. To get the job done quickly and safely, TreeTracker joined the project to automatically detect the main roads. Quickly, because in one day’s drive we were able to analyse 4,000 trees along 60 km of main road. And safe because the tree inspectors didn’t have to work alongside the busy roads.

The result is impressive: we improved the location of more than 80% of the trees, of which a quarter by more than 1.5 m! In addition, 10% of the trees on the map turned out to have been felled and we found a number of new trees.

Great to carry out this project together with the municipality of Leudal and Bomenwacht Nederland!