Updating tree information city of Rotterdam

Nov, 2020

The city of Rotterdam looks after more than 180,000 trees. It comes as no surprise that it’s quite labour intensive to keep the information about this enormous amount of trees up to date and reliable. That is why City Management department asked us to analyse the trees.

It took our mobile mapping partner more than 30 days to scan all 1,600 km of roads. The catch is 900 billion measuring points in the point cloud. A huge amount of data, which we are happy to work with!

We detected the trees, placed them in the right location and measured them exactly. We were able to improve the location of more than 20% of the analysed trees. And more than 50% of the time, the tree height turned out to be incorrectly estimated! Fortunately, we don’t have to estimate, we measure. With our deep learning model we were able to give the tree information a nice quality boost.

As icing on the cake we calculated the Eco Impact of every tree  All in all a beautiful project of which we are proud to be working on!